Saturday, December 31, 2011

GOD as GURU - Blessing of Lord Shiva

In Gita Sri Krishna says - "We are independent of doing wrong or right in this world, but results of deeds will be given by him." And this is the reason wrong and right thing happen in this world. No doubt that Lord shiva should be worshiped as GOD but the results will given at God's will. No body can expect the result and nobody shouldn't. But if you consider the same GOD as GURU(your spiritual teacher), you are in a different way for the following reasons:

1> Since you are disciple of the supreme power, it is His(Guru)whole and sole responsibility to take care of you and to guide you the right way in your difficulties. You just follow whatever is coming in your mind, thinking of whether it is wrong or right, it's your GURU's duty to rectify you. And believe me He rectifies very smartly. I can give you several examples from my life later.

2> You are not forced to abide by religious rules and regulations. What to eat? What to follow? What to do? What to not to do? --- You are free from all questions. Your GURU Shiva will take care of it. If GURU shiva thinks that doing something is wrong for you, he will play a script in your life, where by "self-realization" you will avoid that wrong doing. This is very important to note that now you in "self-realization" mode.

3> You are always positive, because you know that you are guided by your GURU Shiva. And a repetitive positive thoughts bring tremendous energy to you or you can say - "You are the holder of Supreme Conscious Mindful Energy."


  1. Your 2nd view are like a "Bairagi" par toh yahi ek baat kehne ka mann hai......"Mann laaga mera yaar fakiri mein.....sau janjaal amiri mein..."

  2. Gurubhai ko namaskar hai..
    bhagwan jab koi kaam dete hn toh ache se bataakr hi dete h.. kabhi koi bhul nhi ho sakte hmse..
    Sabse paavan, saral shubh shambhu jinko chuukr ganga bhi pavitr hoti h.. us girijapati mahadev shiv shankar ko namaskaar h...
    Jai BholeNath